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Urology Department Rennes

The mission of the Department of Urology is to provide the best care for patients with urinary and genital tract diseases. The department also advances urology through research and training of future urology specialists. It provides medical or surgical treatment for diseases such as cancer (prostate, kidney, bladder, testicle), difficulty in urinating, kidney and ureter stones (renal colic), male infertility and erectile dysfunction. The department also performs kidney transplants and polycystic kidney surgery. Whenever possible, the least invasive surgical techniques – minimally invasive surgery – are used: laparoscopic surgery with robotic assistance for the treatment of kidney, prostate and bladder cancer, flexible endoscopes and Holmium laser for the outpatient treatment of kidney stones, prostate laser for outpatient surgery of benign prostatic hypertrophy.

Our care network

Centre hospitalier de fougères

Centre hospitalier de Vitré

Centre hospitalier de Pontchaillou

Clinique mutualiste la sagesse

Centre hospitalier Redon-Carentoir

Polyclinique Saint Laurent

Pathologies and expertise

Robotic surgery

Kidney cancer

Prostate cancer

Bladder cancer

Hypertrophy of the prostate

kidney stones

Urinary incontinence

Erectile dysfunction

Urodynamic evaluation


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Penis curvature


reconstructive surgery

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